For over a decade, Repechage Group has  provided accounting and financial services for small and midsized professional services firms across the United States. These have included law firms, advertising agencies, consultancies, construction companies, software and technology companies and nonprofits. Our role, broadly speaking, is to handle the firm’s finances efficiently, professionally and expertly, so as to free up the firm’s professionals to do what they do best – practice law. Create ad campaigns. Consult. Or whatever. In other words, our work allows you to do your work.

On a more tactical level, we have handled invoicing, reconciliation of bank accounts, payroll, collections, audits and reviews, A/R, A/P, cash management and virtually every other aspect of the day-to-day operation of the business. On a more strategic level, our work has included budgeting, projections, cost accounting, and a variety of other higher-level challenges, including the development of new processes, helping secure financing and lines of credit, and more.

We specialize in what we call “rescue accounting.” This is a not-uncommon occurrence with small professional services firms. Due, usually, to a heavy workload or a big project, a change in personnel or some other factor, a firm can fall behind and begin to lack an accurate picture of its financial status. Invoices don’t go out. Bank accounts don’t get reconciled. Months aren’t properly closed. A big project pushes your accounting off schedule, and you end up deep in the weeds. We can help you get out, and regain control of your finances.

Most of our clients are remote – we’re experts in working offsite, and minimizing disruptions. We’re experienced in working with almost every major accounting software, and are particularly expert at QuickBooks, and can work as independently as suits your needs.

We also emphasize long-term, personal working relationships with our clients. We will know you, and you will know us. As tempting as cheap accounting services may seem (“Monthly bookkeeping — $65/month”), in the long, or even medium, run, the best solution is working directly with someone who knows your business, knows your challenges, and most important of all, knows what they’re doing. Contrary to a lot of marketing, accounting doesn’t — and shouldn’t — happen by simply pushing a button.

If you’d like to take back control of your businesses finances — and return to why you’re in business in the first place — contact Repechage. We’ve helped dozens of firms in the exact same situation – and we can help you too.

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