financial_services1One of the most critical parts of running any enterprise is a workable, cost-effective and precise understanding of your day-to-day financial situation. This is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses – you absolutely have to know exactly where your cash is, where it’s coming from, where it went (and why) and where it’s going.

This is what Beth Gummere does. For over a decade, Beth has provided accounting, financial and operational services to hundreds of businesses to give them both a big-picture and a detailed perspective on the money that goes in, and that goes out.

What makes Beth unique? First, flexibility. She adapts to her clients’ needs, priorities, schedules and facilities. She can work in your office or hers; you can engage her for a few hours or for ten years. For some of her longstanding clients, she’s only physically in their offices for a few hours a month. She has expertise in every aspect of accounting and finance, from payroll to cost accounting to bookkeeping to inventory valuation. She delivers exactly what you need, when, where and how you need it.

Second, expertise. Beth has worked in dozens of different industries. She has an MBA, and has handled assignments ranging from extremely complex cost modeling and process development for major companies to reconciling bank statements for local nonprofits. She has overseen audits, supported acquisitions, and advised business owners on systems implementation, staffing and operations. She’s got in-depth knowledge of all major accounting software. If your business needs it, Beth can do it.

Third is perspective. In addition to her accounting practice, Beth also owns a small business herself. Founded in 2005, Artistic Reflections is a California C-17 contractor providing windows, doors and other home glass installation and replacement. She really understands her clients’ needs and priorities, because she’s a small business owner herself. Not many accountants can say that.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Beth is extremely easy to work with. Accountants, after all, work very closely with you and your team, and an interpersonal fit is essential. She’s organized, reliable, and thoroughly professional. She’s cheerful, calm, and after working in the field for over a decade, unflappable. She’s involved in a number of personal activities, including rowing on Monterey Bay, running the Santa Cruz Film Festival and advising a number of nonprofits. She likes what she does, she’s very, very good at it, and her clients adore her.

P.S. It’s pronounced “GUH-mer-ee”