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Repechage Group is Elizabeth Gummere and Peter Darling


Elizabeth Gummere is a finance professional, and consults on accounting and financial operations issues.


Peter Darling is a marketer who specializes in
professional services firms, particularly law firms.

The Name, Explained

“Repechage” is a sports term. Beth is a rower — that’s where it comes from.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines it: “[A] practice amongst ladder competitions (those with a series of rounds of competition) that allows participants who failed to meet qualifying standards by a small margin to continue to the next round.”

Here’s how we define it:

  • Winning the tournament (or regatta or whatever) takes more than just winning the first race.
  • If you persist, you can still come in first at the end.
  • Success is a result of consistency, patience, effort and focus.
  • An initial setback means nothing — it’s all about whether and how you keep going, improve and get better.

That’s what we like to think we do.

That’s what we teach.

And that’s the story behind our name.