The question “Who are you?” really, when you think about it, means “What are your values?” These are ours. Where we come from, what we do in our (infrequent) spare time or who we’ve worked with can all be found elsewhere on this site. Here, however, is what we think it’s really important to know about us:

We are professionals: We have decades of experience, and have worked closely with clients at every level, from very senior to very junior, on every imaginable kind of project. We know what we’re doing, and have the scars to prove it. We do what we say we’re going to, we deliver great work, and we will always give you our best thinking, even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear.

We are entrepreneurs: The essence of being an entrepreneur is that you live (or die) based on outcomes, results and metrics rather than politics, personalities or tradition. We are biased toward action. We are interested in what works, not what’s supposed to work.

We are from Silicon Valley: Although we live and work in Santa Cruz, a beautiful beach town on Monterey Bay, Silicon Valley is right over the hill. We have spent decades working there, know it intimately, and have absorbed its lessons. We understand innovation, partnering and the importance of insanely great work, and have access to the greatest pool of management and technical talent in the world.

We are collaborators: Teamwork is an incredible force multiplier. We know, and have partnered with, people all over the world. It doesn’t matter what discipline they come from – all that matters is that they’re the best at what they do. We have the same approach towards our clients – we work with them, not for them. We solve problems and address opportunities together. This often produces astonishing results.

We focus on our clients: Nobody is more important. Period.