The idea is simple – by outsourcing your content creation, you save money thanks to a discounted rate, save time, and sidestep the aggravation, uncertainty and headaches of either writing everything yourself, or searching out freelancers. You get a responsive, expert writer, for whatever you need, whenever you need it. The advantages include:

Cost – In return for a monthly retainer, I significantly discount my hourly rate, and guarantee (within reason) to handle whatever you need. It’s more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Predictability, consistency – The entire nightmarish process of finding a freelancer, hoping they understand the topic and have some talent, negotiating fees, praying the hit the deadline, and so on is over, as is the attendant delay. As a fractional writer/editor, I’m always available, and I’m always good.

Excellence – Law firms in general, and lawyers in particular, are filled with people who write as a means, not an end. For me, writing is the end. I’ve spent my entire professional life focusing on, practicing and getting good at putting words down. It’s worked – I’m good. This is what I do.

Expertise – Writing for law firms is unique, because the subject is often highly technical and in a very specific, sometime tricky context. If you’re going to write a JD Supra piece about how technology pushes the boundaries of gaming law, you have to understand and lucidly explain the actual law. Few freelancers can do this well — they’re not attorneys. I am. Because of my legal training, I can explain very complex, abstract legal concepts clearly and engagingly.

Versatility – My background includes copy editing, high-end consumer advertising, legal writing, and hundreds of pages of content over twenty years. Very few writers combine that kind of experience with formal legal training. I can, and have, written almost every kind of copy imaginable. With deep experience in law, in marketing, and in advertising and communications I reliably deliver whatever kind of work you need.

Speed – Writer on Retainer is a concierge program. By contracting with a limited number of clients for a fixed number of hours per month, it’s possible for me to always be available. In addition, after twenty years of practice, as both a writer and an editor, I’m fast. Very fast. In most cases, editing projects can be turned around in 24 hours or less, and writing in a few days. Not many freelancers can say that.

Proof – I’ll happily provide samples – lots of samples – of whatever kind of work you’re looking for. I’ll tell you I’m good – but then I’ll prove it.

Interested? Let’s talk.