You work on your business. We work in it.

Picture a set of bookends on a shelf. The actual books represent are what your business actually does. You practice law. You develop technology. You provide a professional service, or expertise. This is the heart and soul and guts of your enterprise.

However, there are other things every business and professional needs to do. These are the bookends. The two most important are marketing and business development — bringing in new clients — and accounting and finance — keeping close, expert track of your money. That’s what we do. We’re the bookends. We surround and support your expertise.

Over many decades of experience, we’ve learned that the keys to success for most of our clients are delegation and focus. Lawyers should practice law. That’s what they prefer to do, and are best at. It’s why they’re lawyers in the first place. Effort expended on other work is misplaced. By letting us support their marketing, or their accounting, or both, our clients are freed up to leverage their particular expertise. When they do this, their business is more efficient, more profitable, and when you get right down to it, more fun.

Our specialization isn’t an accident. We designed it this way, to handle the two most critical things for every business, besides fundamental professional expertise – getting new clients in the door, and making sure you know exactly what happens to the revenue they generate. Barring a disaster, if these are taken care of, the business will flourish.

That’s what we do.