We are not corporate event planners. Big, complex, splashy gatherings are a specialty all their own, and it’s not something with which we have any experience.

However. we do have relationships with extraordinary artists who are ideal for retreats, smaller, more intimate events, or parties. Think of really key clients, high-net worth individuals, partner retreats or other occasions when what’s needed isn’t big and showy but personal, thought-provoking, engaging and absolutely unique. When you need to build or cement relationships, or connect with smaller groups of people who really count, we have some options for you that you will not find anywhere else.

John lecturingJohn Peck is a classical realist painter. Trained in Florence, John specializes in oil portraits that are created utilizing techniques dating back to the Renaissance. On average, one of his paintings takes two months to complete, and becomes enduring family heirlooms. His work is exhibited at galleries in London, Dublin, Charleston, Santa Fe and Florence. Along with private commissions, John teaches at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California, and at Stanford University.

For small groups, John adapts his classroom material to create unique, spellbinding presentation on the techniques behind his paintings. This includes a discussions of the history and principles of classical portraiture, the special tools and techniques he uses (hand-ground paints, hand-stretched linen) and an introduction to the steps in the process of creating a work of fine art. John’s talks are by turns witty, informative, engaging and moving. They’re a glimpse into the world of a working artist, and the creative process behind paintings that are expressive, beautiful and skillful.

mlordi_fb_profileMichelle Lordi is a jazz singer. Based in Philadelphia, Michelle has performed in clubs up and down the East Coast. She sings standards — classics of the American songbook, done in an intimate style that draws on cabaret singers from the 30s and 40s –Blossom Dearie, Chet Baker and Bobby Short.  This is music drawn from the deepest roots of American jazz. A reviewer described her music as follows:: Cool uncorrupted understatement that swings is a way to describe Lordi’s vocal style in a nutshell. Her voice is clear and never shrill, her diction is flawless, and she uses almost no vibrato. So what you get is the pure unadulterated song. A performance by Michelle is unique because the audience is part of it. Because she sings standards, she can pick up a band in almost any city, and thanks to modern technology, she can also record it. A pianist, a drummer, a guitarist and Michelle will create an unforgettable evening of incredible, American music that the audience can take home — and enjoy forever.