editorial1Writing copy for professional services clients, particularly law firms, poses some unique challenges. First, the topic itself is often very complex and abstract. Writing about transfer pricing is a lot harder than writing, say, an email about lunch. Second, in writing like this tone is extremely important — and tricky. In addition to being accurate and lucid, copy has to strike exactly the right balance between informality and detail. Complicated concepts have to be made approachable, readable and clear without being either oversimplified or sounding remote and formal.

At Repechage, we bring the perfect combination of expertise and creativity to our editorial projects. With a J.D. from a Top Ten law school, and several years of practice in our past, we can master and write about the most intricate and technical topics imaginable. However, with a background in creative copywriting for iconic brands like Donna Karan and Lifetime Television, we also know how to make writing engaging, creative and interesting. We have the examples to prove it, too.

We have produced almost every imaginable form of written marketing material for our clients. A partial list of our projects includes articles, speeches, practice group descriptions, marketing collateral, advertisements, website copy, emails and newsletters. We have ghostwritten articles on every conceivable topic, some of which have been extremely complex:

  • The use of “silent trusts” for trusts and estates attorneys
  • Intellectual property valuation methodologies
  • Marketing analytics
  • Financing alternatives for non-traded REITS

We are particularly skilled at handling highly technical topics in an energetic, interesting and compelling way. How do we do it?

When writing we strive to dig deeply. Mediocre writing is full of clichés, and half-baked thinking. That’s not for us. We always try to think harder, ask more questions, and get to the real heart of a topic.

We edit and reedit and then edit some more. Really good writing is actually really good, obsessive editing. From our perspective, a piece has almost been edited enough if the thought of looking at it yet again makes you a little nauseous. You’re almost done!

We also work hard to make our writing as concrete and specific as possible, with a tone that’s informal and friendly, while accurate and informed. Mediocre writing contains a lot of shopworn generalities, and half-baked concepts. Our tools are the specific fact and the telling detail that give writing real impact.

We are fast, accurate, detail-oriented and extraordinarily professional. We haven’t missed a deadline yet, and we never will.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with the most senior, time-pressed attorneys on the most technical topics imaginable. Very few writers can interview a partner whose hourly rate is in four figures, and produce copy that meets extremely exacting standards for accuracy, readability and tone. We can.

If a subject is accessible and simple, that’s great. If it’s neither, that’s great also. We can make the driest, specialized subject interesting, lively and relevant.

Despite social media, technology, and all the other means of getting information across, there is still no substitute for clear, specific, carefully-edited marketing writing. Delivering it is our specialty.