Pen and Paper_testCoaching is the single best way to deliver maximum results in the shortest period of time. Coaching works.

Business development is a contact sport. It requires consistent, expert, focused effort. Attitude is critical, as is agility, and emotional intelligence. And, as in many such situations, an expert coach often can make all the difference.

We’ve been coaching attorneys, entrepreneurs, and executives since 2001. Our approach is a unique hybrid of several disciplines, intended to deliver both meaningful results and a lasting understanding of the nuts and bolts of business development.

To begin with, it’s very one-to-one. We are accessible to coaching clients 24/7/365, and emphasize understanding their personal and professional backgrounds and goals. We do not do cookiecutter or programmatic coaching – every client is unique, and has a correspondently unique set of strengths and weaknesses. We understand that, and work with it. Someone who’s an outstanding speaker may be an indifferent networker. A great content marketer may not enjoy serving on boards. We are particularly skilled at coming up with innovative approaches to business development, leveraging each client’s specific situation.

We also emphasize metrics, and specific tasks and goals. We are biased towards accountability – each session ends with an articulation of what needs to be done before the next conversation, and begins with a discussion of progress. Motivation, encouragement and support have to be balanced with concrete expectations and a to-do list that means something.

Finally, when needed, we can draw on a wealth of training tools to help coaching clients master the necessary skills. These include topics like presentation skills, networking, listening skills, marketing writing and so on. Coaching is not a training program – it’s an ongoing working relationship that can incorporate training, but shouldn’t necessarily be about delivering it.

Professional athletes, executives, actors and high performers in all disciplines all recognize the benefits that come from working with a coach. So, perhaps, should you.