At Repechage, we take what we think is a revolutionary, seriously disruptive view of advertising and branding. We have what we believe is an absolutely unique capability in this specialty that makes us the clear choice for any firm that needs to develop and deliver a marketing message or work on a brand. Uniquely, our roots are in creative consumer advertising, so we know this space. In a previous life, we created ads for some of the most well-known, demanding clients on the planet.

Want to know what our secret is?

We’re honest.

There are a lot of people working in the field of helping law firms advertise. And with no exceptions – none – every single one of these firms is ignoring at least one of the following inconvenient facts about law firm advertising:

It’s Not Particularly Hard
A law firm is not Apple. They are not marketing to consumers, they are not selling something especially revolutionary or different, their clients are not, generally, advertising experts and the essential attributes of one firms’ brand are going to be subtly, not radically, different. On the Richter Scale of advertising difficulty, legal advertising should be about a 2.

Logos Aren’t That Hard. They’re Just Not.
Developing a visual brand for a law firm is not a six-figure exercise. It’s just not. If the firm is reasonably cooperative, and the graphic designer knows what they’re doing, you can create a fantastic logo fairly inexpensively, and fairly fast. The trick is knowing (i.e. being able to spot) a really good freelance graphic designer.

Branding Isn’t A Science
There are lots of people out there who will try very hard to sell you very expensive, complex, comprehensive branding studies. These are almost always an enormous waste of money. What they do do, however, is provide political air cover to the marketing team that comes up with the brand. A great brand does not come from statistics or research. It comes from creativity, judgment and talent. You need input from the firm, straightforward feedback, and a lot of time spent staring at walls.

You Have to Differentiate
If what you say sounds like any, or every, other law firm, you’re wasting your money. You have to say something different, unique and meaningful. You have to stand out. A lot of law firm advertising has been watered down by committees, by overcaution and by one too many edits. The legendary David Ogilvy once said that “Committees can criticize advertisements, but they should never be allowed to create them.” He was, and is, right.

It Is All About Talent, Which Is Hard
Advertising is a lot like writing computer code. A great coder is more valuable than ten mediocre ones. Similarly, there is exactly one thing that creates great legal advertising: talent. Just plain talent. Either you’re really good – or you’re not. Everything else is a distraction. And finding serious talent is not easy.

And what serious talent comes up with is ideas. Concepts. The raw material of memorable, strong advertising. Think, for instance, of “Just Do It.” Or Apple’s “Think Different” concept. Once the concept’s hammered out, coming up with the actual ad is fairly straightforward. But coming up with the concept can be very, very tricky.

What does all this add up to? Simple – when you’re thinking of your advertising, you should talk with us. We have a unique background that combines three things you almost never find in legal marketers. First, we have several years of real, hands-on agency creative experience, for a wildly successful agency handling some iconic consumer brands – DKNY, Lifetime Television, others. We know what great marketing is, because we’ve done it. Second, we’re lawyers. We understand exactly what attorneys do, and are selling, because we’ve done it. Finally, we have ten years of legal marketing experience.

Great legal advertising is a matter of talent, deep thought, really good design and a smart client. We can deliver fantastic advertising on time, (probably) under budget, and that clearly, and powerfully communicates why your firm is the clear choice.